Light shines through the trees in the morning at Outdoor School at Camp Meriwether on the Oregon Coast.
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TCODS is no longer providing Outdoor School. We are in a support role. For now we will continue archiving information including photos of past years' Outdoor Schools.

We are very grateful to have been blessed with the many years of involvement with the kids AND adults of Tillamook County and the others from out of county who have been with us at Outdoor School! We cheer you on! You have no idea how much you continue to mean to us! Please stay in touch!! Moses & Zippy, Dean & Laurie Bones.

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Past Years ODS Counselors and Staff! A List of Songs Used in Counselors Training and Staff Meetings
  Early Days of Meriwether, a scan of the 1976 50th Anniversary Program of Camp Meriwether  

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